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our roots

what clean means to us

We do not believe that a product must be all natural to be clean, but we do believe in green chemistry when selecting ingredients - specifically safety over source. They are sourced from partners who share our care for environmental, animal, & human safety.  We consider clean to be Smart Beauty! Questionable ingredients are avoided altogether with no animal ingredients or animal testing - ever. Ivy & Elder products are fragrance-free & smell only like the ingredients needed to be safe and effective for beautiful hair.

about us

After leaving the corporate world to focus on our families, we are excited to re-enter the beauty category with products we truly love & a company culture that values health, happiness, magic, & beautiful hair. We created Ivy & Elder to capture our delight upon learning that trees actually communicate with each other. The forest is the original social network, where fungi help to relay signals between trees as creatures & plants go about their busy days & nights. Upon discovering & researching the tree horoscope signs based on ancient Druid lunar astrology, our brand name was clear: Ivy (for Gayle’s tree sign) & Elder (for Lisa’s).